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Real 3D Smartphone Porn Movie

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HTC EVO 3D Coming to the UK and Europe

The HTC EVO 3D was released last week in the USA, and HTC have assured 3D smartphone porn fans in Europe and the Uk that they too will soon be able to enjoy watching fucking and sucking on it in real 3D without the need for glasses.  HTC haven’t given a firm release date but promise that the phone will be available sometime in July at Vodafone and other networks.  Already since the HTC EVO 3D has gone on sale in America there has been a massive surge of interest in 3D porn from people who have bought the world’s first ‘superphone’.  Don’t forget to bookmark this site to read the latest news on 3D smartphone porn sites, reviews, content, and movies.

3D Phone Porn News

By the end of the year there could be at least 5 3D phones on the market from major manufacturers to watch glasses free 3D porn on.

Last week Sharp announced the release of a glasses free 3D smartphone in the old fashioned clamshell style.  Initially, the phone is scheduled to be available only in the Far East, but it is expected to be released world-wide later in the year.

On top of that came the even more spectacular news that the next version of the Google Nexus phone will also have a glasses free 3D display.  That phone will likely start shipping towards the end of the year.

HTC are also rumoured to be planning a SECOND 3D phone to compliment the HTC EVO 3D, with the new phone codenamed the HTC HOLIDAY.

Release dates have also been given for the immanent HTC and LG 3D phones – the HTC EVO 3D (rumoured) for release as early as June 4th in the USA and July 11th in the UK.  Meanwhile, the launches of the LG 3D are the other way around, with the LG OPTIMUS 3D going on sale on June 6th in the UK and in the USA as the LG THRILL 4G sometime in July (likely).

Get ready for the 3D phone porn explosion!

Google Nexus 3D Smartphone Porn

3D phone porn could be coming to the next Google Nexus smartphone according to the latest rumous sweeping the mobile phone world.  It appears that Google are planning on launching a 3D version of their Nexus smartphone in the last quater of this year, running a completely updated version of the Android operating system.  If true, it will be mean that there will be at least three different 3D smartphones on the market by the end of the year – just think of all the 3D porn that should be available to watch on them without glasses!

source : http://www.infosyncworld.com/reviews/cell-phones/nexus-3d-could-be-first-android-ice-cream-phone/12016.html

New Release Date for LG Optimus 3D

The world’s first 3D smartphone is now expected to go on sale in the UK from June 6th, at least according to one UK retailer.  There is still no word, however, when the phone will be on sale in America, where it is being marketed as the LG Thrill 4G.  Meanwhile, the LG G-Slate ‘3D tablet’  is now available in the USA via T-Mobile, although it doesn’t actually play back 3D, but can record in 3D, hopefully meaning that amatuer 3D porn is just around the corner.

While you wait for you 3D smartphone, here is another anaglyph (red/blue glasses) preview of one of the 3D porn movies from PornFilms3D that you will be able to watch on it :

LG 3D Phone Porn Delayed

Residents of the UK and Europe will have to wait to enjoy 3D Phone Porn on their LG 3D Smartphone.  The device, named the LG Optimus 3D on this side of the atlantic, was unofficially scheduled to be released in the UK on April 25th.  The date now appears to have been pushed back until the end of June, however.  3D porn fans will be able to watch movies and view pictures in 3D without the need for glasses.  Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, the format that the 3D smarthphone uses will be the accessible MP4, with a wide variety of 3D porn videos already available in that format.

3D Porn on Your LG 3D Smartphone

3D Sex Planet

The LG 3D smartphone has been released in the USA as the LG 4G Thrill and in the UK and Europe as the LG Optimus 3D.  Of course, the reason you are here is to find the answer to the following question : How do I watch 3D porn on my new LG 3D Smartphone?

First of all, you need to know that the correct 3d movie format for the LG 3D Optimus/Thrill will be the MP4 side by side format.  Unfortunately, the 3D porn sites have been a little slow to format their videos for the 3D mobile phones, but so long as they offer 3D TV Porn then it is very easy to convert ther movies into the .mp4 format. For a full guide visit How to View 3D Porn on your 3D Mobile Phone.

So which site do I recommend you join for 3D porn movies to watch on your LG Optimus / Thrill 3D phone?  There is only one real 3D porn site that has their movies in the correct MP4 side by side format to play directly 3D phones – 3DSexPlanet.  They have a huge collection of hardcore HD 3D porn movies that is growing all the time.

LG 3D Smartphone Porn Coming Soon

The LG Smartphone is already available to pre-order in Europe, and it’s immanent arrival will herald the true arrival of 3D porn.  3D Smartphone Porn will not require glasses to view and will likely make 2D porn almost redundant.  Why will anyone still want to look at flat, boring, unrealistic 2D porn when you can watch amazing true-to-life 3D porn pictures and movies on your mobile phone without the need for glasses?